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Successfully serving our customer’s label needs for over 120 years...

Label Innovation and Diversity from Our Beginnings

We love labels. We’ve always loved and produced only labels. Our story goes back to 1896 when Herman and Benno Gamse founded Gamse Lithographing Company, Inc. and printed the first label. By 1910, Gamse had grown into a major producer of beer and liquor labels, which as you can imagine, came to a halt during prohibition. It was during those years that Gamse adapted and branched out into food and drug labels, a venture that proved so successful that Gamse had to move to a larger location to accommodate new printing presses, along with cutting and die-cutting equipment.

Planned Growth and Steady Expansion

Following our early success, and with the addition of and guidance from Leroy and Nat Gamse, our company continued to expand. In 1955, we had to move once again to our present location to accommodate growth. In 1983, when Gamse merged with The Creative Label Company, a label maker for the soft drink industry. This proved to be a great move for Gamse as it exposed us to new markets and products. It also introduced Gamse to Creative Labels’ president, and our future CEO, Dan Canzoniero.

Ramping Up Technology

Dan saw the potential of Gamse’s strength and its ability to stand alone, and so in 1986 he purchased Gamse outright and remains our CEO today. Dan is a hands-on leader that recognizes the need to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies. Upon buying Gamse he immediately began investing in equipment that would carry Gamse into a profitable future, and this drive has not slowed. With an ever-expanding business and a “kid in a candy store” approach to equipment, Dan continues to lead Gamse down a growing path, leading to our current 70,000 square foot space and new label markets and applications.

The Gamse Culture

Talk to anyone at Gamse and you’ll find that Dan Canzoniero’s approachability and zeal for delivering a quality product has spread through the entire company. Employees are enabled to be creative and problem solve without hierarchical hindrances. This attitude not only allows everyone at Gamse to collaborate and offer a “can-do” spirit to customers, but it reminds all of us to remain humble and feel blessed that you have chosen to work with us.

The Gamse Team

Gamse Sales Team: Wilbur, Alan, Joanie, and Michael


Our company has partnered with Gamse for a number of years now. They have earned the right to become our primary label supplier by virtue of their top-notch quality and service. They have excelled at anticipating our needs, in paying attention to detail, and in assisting us every step of the way to ensure impressive results. Their entire staff personally cares about us as they all go well beyond the typical business relationship anyone would expect. Our hats off to everyone at Gamse and many thanks for all you do!

Goya Foods

We have had a partnership with Gamse for over 30 years, which speaks to our level of satisfaction. They provide us with value-priced, high quality labels and expedient delivery. From sales to customer service, Gamse always makes us feel we are their most important customer.

— Vigo Importing

The team at Gamse has always been a professional and collaborative partner for our business. Not only have they prioritized customer service, but they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that we have the opportunity to experience new and innovative products that can help both of our businesses grow together.

— Starr Hill Brewery

Working with Games is like working with family. They care about relationships, have a dedication to superior printing, and always provide above and beyond service.

— Old Bust Head Brewing Company

We at Flying Fish have been working with Gamse for more than 20 years for all our label needs, from paper cut and stack to digital labels. The quality is great and the service is even better.

— Flying Fish Brewery

Gamse has been an outstanding resource for Weyerbacher. The products are high quality, as is their customer service. When I place an order, I'm confident that the order will arrive on time and as expected.

— Weyerbacher Brewery

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About Us

We make labels…really cool labels…that are as unique as you and make your brand and products stand out from a sea of competition, and we’ve been doing that since 1896. Whether it’s your concept or a collaborative design effort, we work with you to provide the best solutions for your label application with a level of service that is refreshing and rare.