- The perfect solution for labeling today's unique packing
- Vibrant color on white or clear film on the latest 10 color press
- Four medias: PLA, PVC, PETG, & OPS for your specific project's needs
- Utilizing cutting edge pre-press distortion correction software
- Reverse printing creates an unparalleled durability
- In house plate making for low start up costs & design flexibility

Gamse Shrink Sleeves offer continued safety with visible integrated tamper resistance and vertical perforating for contoured containers. Gamse Shrink Sleeves are printed on four primary medias:

1. PLA (Plant-Based Alternative) - corn based, compostable, and excellent
   representation after shrinking, meeting the rising demand for environmentally
   friendly packaging.
2. PVC - the most cost effective and easily controlled while shirnking.
3. PETG - highly scuff resistant, easily recycled, and allows the highest
   percentage of shrinking.
4. OPS - most accurate final representation after shrinking while being
   more cost effective than PETG.

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